Logbook Servicing

When buying a new vehicle from a dealership, you are provided with what is known in the industry as a manufacturer’s warranty. This special warranty ensures that if a mechanical defect occurs in your vehicle within the warranty period, it will be repaired free of cost so long as the conditions of the warranty are met.

For a warranty to remain valid, it is important that the logbook be regularly filled in and stamped by an accredited mechanic. Failure to do so could see your warranty becoming invalid, potentially leaving you on the hook for any costly repair fees should they arise.

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A pre-purchase inspection will provide you with peace of mind when purchasing a second-hand vehicle and a pre-trip inspection will have your mind at ease before setting off with your family on a road trip adventure.

At Newstar Service Centre, we are proud to assist customers with a range of comprehensive vehicle inspections, including: roadworthy certificates, pre-purchase inspections and pre-trip inspections.

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Steering and Suspension

The steering wheel is vital to the safe driving and control of a vehicle when out on the road. However, without regular preventative maintenance that has been carried out by an accredited mechanic, like by the team here at Newstar Service Centre, steering issues could begin to develop.

Issues such as trouble steering due to a low level of power steering fluid, failures in the steering rack mount, a damaged or worn-out power steering belt and bad bearings or tie rods.

At Newstar Service Centre, we can diagnose, repair and replace a wide range of steering and suspension components, ensuring that your vehicle is working correctly and can be driven in a safe manner.

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Clutches and Transmissions

If your vehicle is experiencing transmission problems, it is vital that a qualified mechanic performs an inspection of the system before it becomes any worse. This includes checking of the bands, torque convertor, hydraulic system, oil pump, valve body, sensors, throttle cable, seals and gaskets.

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Cooling System

As a vehicle’s engine converts petrol to energy and moves it forward on the road, it generates a large amount of heat that must be constantly kept at a controlled temperature. This is important as when functioning correctly, the cooling system ensures the engine is kept cool and that serious damage to the engine does not occur.

However, without regular inspection and preventative maintenance of the cooling system, a vehicles engine can be put at risk and potentially leave you with a costly and unnecessary repair bill.

Here at Newstar Service Centre, our team of expert mechanics can assist with the following cooling system services:

  • Radiator repairs and replacement
  • Heater repairs and replacement
  • Head gasket inspection
  • Coolant flushing
  • Thermostats

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Correctly functioning brakes in your vehicle are vital and are a legal requirement of being roadworthy. However, due to everyday driving and through no fault of your own, the brake pads wear down and need to be replaced.

This is best carried out by a skilled and accredited mechanic and is a service that we are proud to offer customers here at Newstar Service Centre. We can also assist with component replacement (pads, rotors and drums), machining and brake line inspections.

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Diagnostics and Auto Electrical

Modern vehicles come with an impressive auto electrical system that controls a wide array of electrical functions and in-cabin creature comforts, such as the radio, heater, air conditioning, reverse parking camera and motion sensors.

However, when problems occur in the auto electrical system it can be difficult to work out what exactly has gone wrong. At Newstar Service Centre, our knowledge and experience in using the latest in diagnostic technology allows us to detect and repair the most common of auto electrical problems.

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The exhaust system has been specifically designed to remove potentially harmful toxins and fumes that are generated by the engine and to expel them safely out the rear of the vehicle.

However, without regular scheduled preventative maintenance, the vehicle’s emissions can leak into the cabin and harm the health of both yourself and that of your loved ones.

Here at Newstar Service Centre, we can assist customers with exhaust system inspections, repairs, part replacement, modifications and upgrades.

If you are smelling strange odors while driving or suspect that the exhaust system is not working as it was designed, please contact us to book an inspection today.

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Other Vehicle Repairs

  • Air conditioning
  • Car and 4×4 tyres
  • Timing belt replacement (including full inclusive kit)
  • Turbo replacement
  • Wheel balancing and wheel alignment
  • Battery replacement
  • Windscreens
  • Towing organised
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